Waterfall Wall

Waterfall Gardens' four tower wall system occupies a 150 cm by 30 cm footprint and provides space for 104 plants out of the box.  Standing almost 200 cm in height (depending on installation) the Waterfall Wall comes with four towers, fill and drain pipe, nutrient reservoir, pump, timer, hose, shower basket, 104 netpots with coco coir growing medium and one month's supply of nutrient solution. Provide an electrical outlet or extension cord, tap water to fill the reservoir and a wall or railing to attach it to that gets six to eight hours of sun a day (less if you just want to grow greens or herbs), and you are all ready to grow.  Want ready to grow seedlings to populate your unit so you can begin harvesting sooner? Add 104 seedlings from our nursery to plug right in to your system, and at checkout, add the coupon code "StarterPack" and you'll get your starter pack for 30% off. You're all set to grow! Now how easy was that? (Offer available only to orders that include a system)

Waterfall Wall

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