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The Canadian International School Hong Kong Grade 2 spent the afternoon learning about hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics as part of their growing cycles curriculum. Students eagerly explored plants grown hydroponically, asked multiple questions and demonstrated mastery of concepts like photosynthesis and explaining osmosis.

"I think that being able to say 'fish poop' in a serious manner without having to explain themselves to their teachers helped make it a great learning environment," said Chris Lynch, co-founder of Waterfall Gardens, who presented to the 120 students.

Grade 2 is following up by building their own, individual kratky hydroponic's units and growing kale, lettuce, nasturtium, bok choy and more.

Waterfall Gardens works with schools around Hong Kong including Hong Kong International School, Island School and Lantau International School amongst others through providing systems, discounts and educational programs to help prepare the next generation of Hi-Tech, hydroponic growers about the importance of eco-friendly, organic food production.

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