How Fresh are your asparagus?

Asparagus actually have a really short shelf life. What you get in the store is old and really does not do a fresh asparagus spear any justice at all. So ... grow your own, healthy, hassle-free and homegrown.

This root stock is from the United States. Came across on the 23rd of June and we began planting on the 29th.

We started getting a little push back three days later, and by 10 days in, we had the plants pushing up with little asparagus spears.

Hydroponic asparagus like EC at 1.4 to 1.8 (though some resources say to double that) or TDS between 980 to 1260, which makes it a high lettuce or a low tomato. They also like full sun .

Asparagus are a fern, and the fern is important to the growth of the plant. The fern helps to produce carbohydrates which help the plant grow.

To get year round production, simply allow some of the spears to fern, while the rest of the spears you can harvest. Keep rotating, and you can harvest up to a half a pound per plant!

Want asparagus? We have plants and dutch bucket systems that you can grow them in. Give us a shout!

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