Water, water, everywhere ...

But there is plenty to drink. While the globe is facing water shortages that will only continue to get worse - along with a food crisis expected by 2050, today we are just dealing with the rainfall that is Hong Kong as it moves into typhoon season.

So as the weather turns, make sure you check your Waterfall hydroponics units. While not enough water is bad, too much water is also bad for plant growth. Nutrient solution can be diluted (not a major issue if you are changing every two weeks) but growing media can become and remain wet in a combination of irrigation from the pump and irrigation from the clouds.

One thing to do, and we have done this on some of our own systems is to change the watering frequency. Currently, we've recommended 15 minutes on every hour for 12 hours, but in some instances, we reduced this to 15 minutes on every two hours.

Your plants will tell you if they are getting too wet, so listen up, and enjoy healthy, homegrown produce (and now edible flowers as well) hassle-free

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