Are you nuts?!?

Actually no ... I'm melons. Hydroponic melons. And we are not even nuts growing them in Hong Kong.

Melons love the heat, and as we have had plenty of it, our melons are beginning to come along. This one is a Honduran cantaloupe and it is growing 30 feet above ground on a roof of a house, surrounded by 30 other melon plants (among other things) which are flowering away.

A cautionary tale though if you are growing fruit in your own urban rooftop farm.You'll notice from the picture below that this melon has a "dent" in it. The reason for that is that the fruit was developing behind a wall of leaves, but had grown in between the slats of the fencing we were using as a trellis.

So make sure you check your plants and give them the hand they need to develop. You'll end up with great fruit ... and if it is anything like the strawberries we just picked, sweet as anything you've ever tasted!

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