Beat the Heat - Grow Indoors!

Plants need three things to grow: water; nutrients; and light. Water is applied repeatedly from the garden hose. Nutrients are why plants send out such extensive root systems, so they can search out the nutrients they need in the soil they are growing in. And light comes from the sun. Or does it?

Hydroponics turns the three basic requirements around. Water is typically recirculated from a reservoir, so hydroponic systems use between 3% and 15% of traditional planting methods. Organic nutrients are added directly to this water reservoir, so the plants get exactly what they need without wasting energy sending out roots, energy that goes to enhancing growth and taste. And light comes from the sun.

Indoor herb garden

Or not. Hydroponics, like regular agriculture, can also employ full spectrum grow lights in order to grow plants indoors. Grow lights come in a variety of different types, from High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, to fluorescent lights, to LED grow lights.

Waterfall Gardens has chosen to provide LED grow lights because they have continued to gain traction in the indoor growing community. They are cost efficient, longer lasting, use less electricity and produce less heat, meaning that they can be placed closer to the plants.

Realize that plants need different types of light during different phases of growth - the vegetative stage (producing leaves and growing) uses different amounts of red and blue light than the fruiting stage, so it is important to have grow lights that accommodate this.

Growing indoors has other benefits in Hong Kong. You have a better ability to control environment, so temperature and humidity are more accommodating (though we cool the reservoirs of our outside systems.

You also limit the access that pests have to your plants. And there is nothing nicer than reaching over to your counter to snip off really fresh herbs, or greens, or pick tomatoes, right as you are cooking!

Healthy, homegrown and hassle-free. Become a Waterfall gardener today!

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