A Green(er) Bank

Hang Seng Bank has continued to push its green footprint by installing several Waterfall Towers in one of their staff canteens at one of their branches. The Towers, currently being used to grow cherry tomatoes, enhance the green footprint of the staff area by planting edible vegetables.

Vertical hydroponics units are also great components of green roofs.  Because they do not use soil, the weight load on the roof is significantly lower, meaning that incidences like the collapse of the City University's Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall in 2016 are much less likely.  The foliage of green roofs helps shield the building from sunlight, thereby decreasing the use of electricity in powering airconditioning.  Hydroponics units also use up to 90% less water than soil based planting and can also be integrated with grey water, further increasing the environmental benefit. And because all

sorts of fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown hydroponically, the usual ornamental benefit of planting is enhanced because edible food can be produced right on-premises.

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