Food localism is sourcing your produce from your local neighbourhood, and according to The South China Morning Post, "Hong Kong is miles behind the curve in living healthily..." and sourcing locally is difficult. The benefits of being able to do so are that you have greater knowledge of what goes into your produce, the chemicals and pesticides that can contaminate it so you can avoid the food scares that seem to happen regularly, to the fact that produce that is just picked is the freshest, tastiest produce going. It doesn't have to be jetted in over thousands of miles where quality goes down while costs go up.

Hydroponics offers a unique benefit in that produce can be grown on site, so that your farm-to-table journey goes from 1000's of kilometers to a couple of steps. Hydroponics is the growing of plants without using dirt and feeding them a tailored mineral water solution that provides the proper macro and micro nutrients to give the plant outstanding growth and yield.

Waterfall Gardens is already helping with this, providing hydroponic systems that people are installing in their homes, in restaurants, in membership clubs and in commercial enterprises, but perhaps most interestingly, we are now working with a specialty shop in Mui Wo in order for them to provide produce in their store with Hong Kong's first Farm-in-a-Shop.

Mapuche, using Waterfall Gardens' Towers and back-end nursery aims to grow produce and herbs in their shop for use in their chef's tastings, their tapas bar and to sell to customers who are guaranteed of the absolute freshest produce second only to if they put a Tower and grew the produce directly in their own home, something that many are choosing to do.

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