Farm-to-Table, Hong Kong Style

We're taking farm-to-table from miles down to steps, reducing the carbon footprint of consuming organic grade produce from gallons of jet-fuel to a flight of stairs or a stroll across your living room.

This leafy bok choi was picked from part of a single plant. No trucks to transport it. No plastic to wrap it up in. No pesticides to protect it. No heavy metals to contaminate it. It was transported down a flight of stairs by the power of two legs, and cooked up for a two-year old's dinner.

Not only is this happening in homes across Hong Kong, restaurants are now installing Waterfall Gardens' Towers and Walls, bringing healthy, hassle-free and restaurant-grown quality produce to diners of Hong Kong.

So what's stopping you? Become or get your business to become a Waterfall Gardener today!

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