Grow Indoors

The great thing about hydroponics is that it allows you to grow fresh produce in an environment that you completely control. Whether you decide to grow outside, or - if you don't have outside space or want complete control over your grow cycle - grow indoors, hydroponics is the answer to your needs.

Indoor hydroponics with LED grow lightshomegrown, hassle-free, healthy produce

We're now testing several different LED grow lights for people that want to bring their Waterfall Gardens into their home. Led Grow Lights provide the optimal spectrum of red and blue light that plants need, both to produce vegetation and to produce fruit. The lights will be integrated with the Waterfall Tower - all you need to do is provide a power source.

Whether it is something you tuck in your bathroom, on a counter-top in your bathroom, behind a chair in the living room, or in as small as 1 square feet of space in your bedroom, you can grow your favourite vegetables, fruits herbs (or flowers - roses love hydroponics).

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