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Indoor and outdoor hydroponics systems and seedlings so you can watch organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs quickly grow in your own home or business.  Our monthly nursery service helps you replace the produce you have harvested and keeps your life healthy and hassle-free.


What is it, Why use it

Hydroponics grows fantastically large plants quickly.  A combination of the Greek words for water (hydro) and work (ponics), plants are grown in a soiless medium (we use coco-coir) and fed a water-based nutrient solution with the exact nutrients they require, letting the "water" do the "work." By not using dirt, hydroponics reduces the home for harmful bugs which eliminates the need for pesticides.  Both used by the ancient Sumerians and by space-aged NASA, hydroponics increases the yield, reduces the amount of water by over 90% and is eco-friendly. And because you can do this right at your home, you know exactly what is in what you are eating.

How Does It Work?

At Waterfall Gardens, we aim to simplify your life. First, grab a hydroponic Tower or Wall, Second, select the initial package of plants you want to fill it with. Third, sign up for a monthly subscription.


We'll deliver your system which is easy to set-up and only requires a sunny spot inside or outside and an electrical outlet nearby. Use your Tower and harvest as you need.  Once a month through your monthly subscription, we'll send direct to your door replacement plants and nutrient solution for the month so you can keep enjoying the fruits of your labour.

And just send your used netpots, nutrient solution bottles and coco-coir back at our cost, and we'll recycle them.


Beginners can simply grab a system and a subscription and sit back and enjoy homegrown, hassle-free produce.


Sustainably Green

Because you are growing onsite, you are saving water, eliminating packaging that farmers and stores place around vegetables, and reducing your carbon footprint because the trip to your table is even shorter and doesn't require a truck.



Want to get more involved? you can grab hydroponic supplies, pH and ECM meters and individual plants and actively grow your plants.


Stay up to date with the latest news on the future of growing.

What We Supply


Hydroponic Systems

From the Waterfall Wall to the Bubbling Brook, we’ve got residential and commercial systems to produce healthy, hassle-free vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Waterfall Gardens also provides bespoke consulting services to build a system that meets your needs. Take the guesswork out, and let our Waterfall Gardens experts help get your project going in the right direction.

Nursery Services

Choose from packs to individual plants to continuously replenish your Waterfall System so that you are never out of fresh fruit and veg!


From pumps to netpots to grow lights to nutrient solution, Waterfall Gardens is there to help whether your a novice or an expert.

About Us

Waterfall Gardens is in the business of helping people and businesses on their mission to having healthy, hassle-free, homegrown produce. Founded in 2015, we set about to bring space age farming to Hong Kong to address the need for pesticide free produce, the desire for affordable and accessible organic produce, and as a way to have a more environmental and sustainable food supply, reducing the water wasted on commercial agriculture and making farm-to-table steps as opposed to thousands of jet-fuel wasted kilometers.


Should you be arriving by car, we do not offer street parking.


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